Clean Room (Medical and Industrial)

Description :

Aero Filtration & Equipments Fan Filter provides According class working environment (according to GMP guidelines). The main focus of application is product or process protection against contamination introduced by many sources, such as personnel, general work area, manufacturing, performance, process,machinery, or the product itself. These modules are typically installed in an inverted T-bar grid suspended from the ceiling.


  • Pharmaceuticals and chemical research laboratories.
  • Excellent cost / performance ratio.
  • Wide variety of sizes and configurations to satisfy nearly any requirement
  • Minipleat HEPA filter of efficiency 99.999% for supply.
  • Close pleated pre-filters for suction 95% for suction.
  • Can be modularly supplemented.
  • User-friendly handling.
  • Magnehelic gauge for pressure differential.
  • Fluorescent light.
  • UV light along with hour meter.
  • Acrylic/ Polycarbonate side panels.
  • Units are available in two types


  • Assembly and cleaning tasks in industry and research,
  • laboratories, universities, pathology departments, authorities.
  • Pharmaceuticals and chemical research laboratories
  • University clinics
  • Electronic industry
  • Optical industry
  • Semiconductor production
  • System engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear industry
  • Food processing industry.


  1. Pre Fabricated Clean Room.
  2. Clean Room Tent.
  3. Modular Clean Room

As per US FED STD 209E:-

  1. Class 100000 (Equivalent to ISO 8)
  2. Class 10000 (Equivalent to ISO 7)
  3. Class 1000 (Equivalent to ISO 6)
  4. Class 100 (Equivalent to ISO 5)